First Blog Post!!

Tonight I write my first official blog post! Thank you to my mother Phyllis and coworker Evelyn for encouraging me to take my “sense of style” to the next level and push me to start a blog! I am truly amazed at the support I have been getting with Haberdashed Home and I am excited to see how it continues to grow. I decided to start formalizing my long time hobby about a year ago after listing my first home, an 800 SqFt Cape, just as the tiny house industry began booming. I loved my tiny house! I got a lot of positive feedback about how cute it was. Everything I selected was hand picked over time from weekend adventures at flea markets, tag and estate sales. Some things were hand me downs. Some things were repurposed. This is my style. I love bold saturated colors, patterns and anything funky and unconventional. I am especially interested in creating homes as spiritual spaces that allow people to feel rejuvenated, safe and relaxed. Places where people can come into themselves, connect with who they truly are and heal. I hope you will enjoy Haberdashed Home and check back often for new updates!


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